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Screen tests of the most famous models of the twentieth century for the Millennium issue of British Vogue, commissioned by Nick Knight

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Just wondering if anyone wants to legit go travelling for 6 months with me haha

sleepy music :)

Sleepy tube pic

Sleepy tube pic

Everything you should worry about is what’s in front of you right now, look. I’m sat on a rocky beach tripping absolute balls. The stoney beach has melted itself into waves, and everything has just a some what sheen of glitter over it. You learn to control your mind to recognise the present. Because that’s what we are in right now, the present. Embrace everything around you. Nothing is as anxious as you ever think it to be? So look around and appreciate what you’re blessed in front of you to see. Laugh how your brain can do these crazy things. Learn to know oneself, and your own presence. Feel the vibe of your mind. Love and appreciate.

Went to London to fabric on Friday and had a sick night and went to Brighton last night and had an even sicker night

A few photos of Nanook being polite but also being annoyed because we were eating and he wanted mine and Laura’s food aha